The Kick the Carer Hypothesis

I have a little nephew. Well, a little nephew thrice removed. Or maybe like five times, since his mom is my cousin, not my sister, and was actually adopted by my aunt from another aunt, who adopted her from strangers. Anywho, the ‘questionable’ nephew in question is little, and that’s all that matters for now. Because like all little people, he loves bright, shiny things. And, also like all little people, he wants what he wants, and he hurtles towards it at godspeed before you can so much as stick a foot out to trip him. The problem is, he doesn’t know what it is he wants. I mean diamonds are bright and shiny, run towards them by all means and hold on for dear life. But fire? Also bright and shiny. Not necessarily something you want to hold onto.

So you end up watching this tiny creature, who has no clue what this bright shiny thing is, run towards it with single minded determination. Then, you run up behind him, grab him by his tummy, and swing him away from the flames. He howls, and shouts, and kicks away at you, hating you bitterly. Until the next shiny thing presents itself.  Ad infitum. 

Turns out, I’m a little person too. The littlest of them all maybe. Which would explain why at 5 foot 7, and 22 years of age, I am still a knee-high three year old when it comes to bright shiny things. Job offers, tall guys, PhDs, I run towards them with complete abandon. And then, just as I am close enough to reach out and grab it, someone grabs me by the waist and jerks me back. And I howl, and shout, and kick. But I’m growing up a little now. This time, when my hand was slapped away from the cookie jar, I didn’t cry. I believe God man loves me, at least as much ,and hopefully a little more, than I love my nephew. He was an active participant in my creation, and therefore has some vested interests in my survival. I really, really, really wanted the bright shiny thing. But I am not going to kick back now. Maybe by being denied, I just got saved big time.

But, if He is just doing this for fun, there will be words.