Liebster Award: A master class in procrastination

Most people avoid bad news. I occasionally avoid good news as well. Particularly when it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work! Not that there is anything remotely ugly and overalls-y about being nominated for an award by a fellow blogger. Thanks Narmadhaa! My day was well and truly made.

The thing is though, when someone tells you they think enough of your work to give you a pretty pink, albeit virtual, badge, there is a certain pressure on you to perform well in the future. I know this isn’t an Oscar speech, but honestly, I would kill for an orchestra to interrupt me and save me from having to pretend to be interesting and cool. I’m not. At least not effortlessly.

Which explains why this shiny little virtual badge has been sitting in my virtual chest for nearly a month, while I try to muster enough courage to pick up the mike and get up on that podium. And as my orchestra remains as elusive as it is imaginary, I guess I will have to begin anyway.

Here’s the lovely lady who nominated me:

And here are my not-so-lovely answers for her questions:

  1. What’s the last book you read? Hmm, had I manned up and written this blog when I should have, it would have been a totally different answer. I make my way through books like most women make their way through shoes: vociferously, without any reason. The last one I read was actually an unusual choice for me, it was a friend’s recommendation into the world of fantasy. Totally worth it though. The Night Circus. Magnificent, consuming, hauntingly beautiful. Its as if someone gathered all your childhood dreams, and waited till you were old enough to appreciate them again before putting them into words.
  2. Whose music do you listen to most often? My Dad always says I have an 85 year old women living inside me. Well, she used to be 80, but I guess she grew older with me. I love listening to all types of music, I’m just as inclined to dance to Sinatra as I am to rap along to Eminem. The music I listen to most often though is old Indian and Pakistani film music; I don’t know whether its the poetry that makes it so poignant or the clarity of the tunes, but those old records do something for me that current music never can. And no matter where I am in the world or in life, Geeta Dutt’s Nanhi Kali always brings me home.
  3. How do you like your surroundings when you’re writing? With easy access to caffeine, cake and company.
  4. What’s the one place you want to visit, but still haven’t? Paris. I loved Paris before loving Paris became fashionable, and I know I will love it long after. Its the most unconditional relationship I have. One day.
  5. Name the one book you’ve read and reread over and over again? Oh so many! Jane Eyre is a firm favorite, its the only heroine I can see myself in, and the only love story I want to see myself in. Just the right blend of magic and reality.
  6. Have you ever stayed up all night working on a blog post (or many)? If so, tell us which one(s). The very first one! If I had a penny for every time I hit Edit, well, I could possibly buy a .com address!
  7. What is your favourite/most common method of writing? (typing, paper and pencil/pen, smartphone) It used to be a pen and paper, back in school. But university has ruined pen and paper for me I’m afraid, now I’m the girl typing away on her laptop in the darkest corner of the cafe.
  8. What is the one blog post that came out from your heart. And was so honest that you didn’t change much before publishing it? Of Mercy and Mothers. That post was written through a veil of tears.
  9. Which topic have you written most about in your blog? Family I feel. The blog was supposed to be about life, and having a healthy and productive outlet for emotions that don’t get an out otherwise. And apparently, my family are solely responsible for inspiring these feelings in  me!
  10. What’s your favourite beverage, hot or cold? Water! I’m a water baby. According to my mom, according to chinese zodiac, and according to my best friend who, when I said I wanted to live near a brook, listening to water, said ‘Yeah, and drinking it.’ Truer words have never been said.
  11. There are loads of blogging services on the web. Why did you particularly choose, and decide to stay with WordPress? Any sentiments? Around 10 years ago, I decided to give blogging a shot in school summer holidays. And back then, I chose WordPress. Now that blog did eventually go down in flames: my sister hacked it, wrote weird posts supporting Michael Jackson, and as I could not believe she would do something so pointless, I just closed the blog. Anyway, 10 years later, when I had long endless summer days stretching out in front of me again, I chose WordPress again. Of course this time around, my sister has not been invited to read it 😉

I’m also supposed to let you in on 11 deep dark secrets about myself. Well, maybe not deep and dark, or secrets even. But it sounds so much more dramatic than ‘random facts.’ And in case I havent made it blatantly obvious over the last fifteen posts, I’m pretty dramatic.

  1. I’m pretty dramatic
  2. I am a scientist, a stylist, an event planner, a struggling writer, and an unofficial therapist for my family. But what I really wanted to be, and still do, is an orator. A professional story teller. One day. 
  3. I have a mortal fear of being pushed in front of a train. House of Cards did not help.
  4. I have a doll collection. Over 40 stuffed toys, with names and back stories. I’m a bit of a child at heart. Its my favorite thing about me.
  5. I LOVE the colour purple. Lilacs, violets, lavender, any shade will do. But I don’t own any purple clothes. And as I use clothes as a medium of personal expression, I find that odd.  
  6. Even though I have read far more books than volumes of poetry, I love poetry much more than prose. I think its infinitely more beautiful than prose. Tennyson, Coleridge, Byron, Auden, Eliot, Cummings,Bukowski, Ghalib, Faiz. If only I could live my life in verse.
  7. If someone hums a song in front of me, I end up singing it unconsciously. Even if I hate the song. Endless amusement for the family. 
  8. I never wanted to be Rachel in Friends. I always wanted to be Chandler. Or to marry him. Either will do.
  9. I dislike people who look down on wherever they’re from. I love Lahore. Its not perfect, but neither am I. 
  10. Every time I develop an obsession with food (the scones incident of 2013 is legendary), I learn how to make it. And once it becomes attainable, I don’t want it as much.
  11. Richard Armitage remains unattainable. I remain obsessed.

I am also supposed to nominate other bloggers, and ask them questions. But honestly, I love and read so many, I cannot choose just a few favorites. So here’s a virtual and imaginary hug to everyone reading, a special one for Narmadhaa, and lots of love! No questions asked 😉 


One thought on “Liebster Award: A master class in procrastination

  1. Hey,
    I love this.
    And about “Of Mercy and Mothers,” – well that was the first of your writing that I read, and thought of it when I asked the question. I somehow felt that came naturally from within.
    Anyway, wonderful answers. Oh and the drama, can never have enough of it! 🙂

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